The name "Meditations of Light" refers to both the photographs we present and the process by which the pictures are made. We enjoy sharing the result of the contemplative realizations which we experience as opportunities to make images of beautiful scenes occur. We also enjoy the idea that the pictures, when presented in your surroundings, continue to serve as silent meditations which actively and positively effect your being.

St. Marks Lighthouse at sunrise

This website, Meditations of Light, represents the picture making of a husband and wife team that has each been making photographs since childhood. We have a combined experience of over 70 years practising the art which includes formal study at schools and universities as well as professional work for national and international clients. We aspire to an awareness of knowing, not knowing, when and where a fine picture may be made. With that goal we enjoy placing our selves in natural settings so as to discover the rare moments when the lighting seems to inspire a sense of wonder and appreciation.

St. Marks Lighthouse at sunset

At some point along our continuing journey as picture makers we began to understand that the process we apply is an art of thinking not thinking. We certainly employ all of the skills that we have learned as photographers but consideration of craft or technology seems to have become transparent as we have learned to intuitively recognize when and where we may make pictures of wonderful lighting. We have come to understand that our field work is a sort of protracted meditation and we gratefully enjoy the experience as such. It seems a bit more obvious to us that the time spent preparing the pictures for printing is a period of quiet and meditative thought, and we have finally learned to realize, by living in rooms that surround us with the prints shown on this website, that the printed pictures are meditations that perpetually exude a powerful and positive influence. We are pleased to think that we may be able to share an appreciation of these ideas. Thank you for your interest and for visiting our website.