You may purchase prints of any of the pictures shown on this web site. We work with a printer who provides excellent quality and service. We will arrange to have your prints made to order and sent directly to you. Please contact us, we will be happy to assist with the details.

Prints on Photographic Paper

Our photo paper prints are made with Kodak's finest Endura High Gloss paper by projecting light on its photosensitive emulsion. The process results in a deluxe appearance with a remarkably smooth and continuous tonality. These prints have a classic, refined, and elegant appearance that is ideal for traditional matting and framing.

Our paper prints are described by the actual size of the picture that is displayed on the paper. There is an additional wide margin of white border space surrounding the picture which facilitates the ease of mounting, matting, and framing.

Portrait or Vertical layout

picture size price
6" x 9" $ 21.00
8" x 12" $ 32.00
10" x 15" $ 48.00
12" x 18" $ 79.00
14" x 21" $ 118.00
18" x 27" $ 139.00

Landscape or Horizontal layout

picture size price
9" x 6" $ 21.00
12 "x 8" $ 32.00
15" x 10" $ 48.00
18" x 12" $ 79.00
21" x 14" $ 118.00
27" x 18" $ 139.00

Metal Prints

Metal "printing" is relatively new innovation that has become very popular. The process involves sublimating, or fusing, a printed picture upon a thin sheet of aluminum which has been prepared with a bright white undercoat of paint. Please note that this is not a "metallic" print with a metallic special effect. Our metal prints feature a bold glossy appearance with incredibly vibrant colors and exciting detail that always seem to inspire curiosity and appreciation. Light passes though the fused layer of ink, reflects off of the completely opaque bright white background, and then travels back through the layer in a way that causes the colors to seem to glow as if there is some sort of back lighting.

Metal prints are most often displayed without framing. They are provided with an integrated floating spacer and hanger mounted on their rear surface. The pictures are printed edge to edge, or full bleed, with no margin or white border. Metal prints cost more to purchase but they can seem to be a great value when one considers that they may be displayed with out any additional framing expenses. You may open the box your metal prints arrive in and enjoy displaying the pictures on your wall a few minutes later.

Metal prints are incredibly durable yet fragile at the same time. The sublimated inks are considered archival and the glossy surface is so weather resistant that it may be cleaned with household window cleaner, but we must explain that care must be taken while handling the metal sheeting as a bend or crinkle is more or less permanent. We love metal prints and we have them hanging all around our home and work space.

Portrait or Vertical layout

picture size price
8" x 12" $ 149.00
12" x 18" $ 259.00
16" x 24" $ 469.00
20" x 30" $ 689.00
24" x 36" $ 879.00

Landscape or Horizontal layout

picture size price
12" x 8" $ 149.00
18 "x 12" $ 259.00
24" x 16" $ 469.00
30" x 20" $ 689.00
36" x 24" $ 879.00